The 10 Coolest Gadgets For Your Car

These days, you can get pretty much anything you need for your car on the Internet. Search Google for what you’re looking for and hey presto, someone will most likely be selling it, shop around and you can get the best price. Things like tyres from, neon lights from eBay, even those essential furry car dice from Amazon. But what about the cooler, more innovative gadgets that can really enhance the driving experience?

The short answer…well, where do you start?
With such an endless array of gadgets and travel toys to choose from, we thought we’d present a roundup of 10 of the best. Some of which admittedly being more practical than others, but all being worthy of a place in your car!

1. Bestek Jump Starter
Jumper cables are one thing, but without a charged battery or second car to provide power, they’re also fundamentally useless. The Bestek Jump Starter serving as the complete solution for breakdowns, wherever you happen to run into trouble.

2. Ztylus Stinger
This innovative safety device was designed to make it quick and easy to both cut through stuck seat belts and break windows following an accident. The kind of gadget you hope you’ll never need, but will be eternally grateful of when you do!

3. Fobo Tire Plus
Pricey it may be, but this amazing little device uses Bluetooth connectivity to help you keep tabs on tire pressures via your smartphone. Which in turn means never having to carry out manual checks, ever again.

4. Scosche USB Charger
The more gadgets you bring into your car, the quicker you find yourself running out of space to accommodate them. Or more specifically, keep them charged.  For such a low price, the Scosche USB Charger makes a great addition to any car.

5. Tile Mate
If you’re the kind of driver who loses their keys pretty much on a daily basis, this simple gadget could prove to be an absolute godsend. By connecting with a simple yet intelligent mobile app, you’ll be able to quickly and easily locate the keys you can’t find – even if you’ve shot them inside the car itself.

6. Vantrue R2
Definitely one of the best dashboard cameras on the market right now by a wide margin. Along with shooting in full 1080p of the highest quality, Vantrue R2 also features a super-wide-angle lens and has been designed to consume as little power as possible.

7. Escort Max 360
While the legality of radar speed trap detectors varies significantly from one country to the next, this is just about the most reliable and accurate you are ever likely to come across. Rather than letting you know there’s a camera when it’s already too late to slow down, the Escort Max 360 delivers the kinds of early warnings that are actually useful!

8. Park-Zone PZ-1600
Remember the days when electronic parking assistants were luxurious and outlandishly expensive? These days, you can pick up awesome pieces of kit like the Park-Zone PZ-1600 for less than the cost of a basket of groceries.

9. Handpresso
Clearly unnecessary but also insanely cool at the same time…well, what else needs to be said about a high-quality coffee maker designed specifically for your car?

10. Ion Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter
Last but not least, the days of having to connect modern devices to archaic tape players by way of cabled adapters are over. As the name suggests, the Ion Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter replaces the cable with Bluetooth connectivity and does a damn good job of it too!