Nowadays You Can Pair Your Phone With Pretty Much Anything

Thank you, Google. Now that you’ve built the Android platform, I get to have pretty much whatever device I want, paired with my smartphone. Now there’s a whole ecosystem of stuff that expands the reach of smart devices, yet again. Here're some of the highlights.

Wireless Activity Band

Have you ever wanted to record every one of your vital signs in real time all day long? Well, thanks to Fitbit, now you can. Their new Charge HR tracks your heart rate, of course. But it’s also designed to count the number of calories you eat and tell you how many you burn climbing stairs. Some users have reported skin rashes from the plastic wristband. But for the majority, the Fitbit is a seamless product that becomes just another part of techie life.

Fitbit also wants to make your domestic bliss even more blissful. So the new Fitbit comes with a silent alarm feature. If you need to get up before your partner, you’ll be vibrated into action, so long as you wear it while you sleep.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have been around for some time now, and the market is maturing nicely. In fact, innovation seems to have been taken up a notch or two, even since the late 2000s. Consumers keep demanding more from their Bluetooth speakers. And companies continue to deliver. So what’s new right now in the world of Bluetooth speakers? Bluetooth speakers used to be associated with two things: poor sound quality and low volumes. But now that’s all changing. VAVA has released the VAVA Voom, and it’s a speaker that defies expectations in the portable space. It comes fully equipped with a 10W subwoofer and two 5W drivers. And it’s a speaker that’s designed with consumer uses in mind. There’s a party mode, surround mode, and standard. It’s certainly one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers out there right now, and definitely one for the audiophiles.

Wireless Headphones

Did you think the day would never come when we would see wireless headphones? You’re not alone. It feels as if this is something that should have happened for sporty types years ago. Yet nothing happened until recently.

Sound PEAT’s QY7 Wireless headphones pair with your phone and are designed for running. They feel just like ordinary earbuds. But there’s no annoying wire going to your phone. Instead, there’s just a single cable linking the two ear buds that travel around the back of your head. One of the major obstacles to wireless headphones in the past was battery time. But somehow, Sound PEAT has managed to cram 6 hours of playback into the onboard batteries.

Olloclip For Samsung

Digital zoom isn’t the best technology in the world. Every time you zoom in, your image loses fidelity until it's just a series of grainy pixels. But now Olloclip has had enough of this state of affairs. And it’s started making optical lenses for Samsung Galaxy phones. The lens kit comes with four different types of lenses for many use scenarios. You get a fish-eye, wide-angle, 15x Macro and 10x Macro all in one clip-on device.