Top iDevice Repair Tips And Tricks

Given that Apple is one of the most prolific companies on the planet, it’s safe to assume that you probably own one of their gadgets. It’s not just a blind herd mentality, either. They make genuinely great stuff, but like any expensive electronic, they can break at the worst of times.

If you find yourself falling into this camp, then you’ve arrived at the right article. Below, you’ll find several nifty tips and tricks pertaining to iDevice repair, from iPad to iPhone and Apple Watch. Give each one a read and see if they’re useful for you!

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Cool it down

Generally speaking, gadgets getting too warm is a bad thing. That’s why using devices for too long outdoors in summer isn’t recommended, and neither is leaving them near a window.

Sometimes, all your iDevice needs to fix itself is to be placed in a cool environment. If it’s being unresponsive or it’s not working, leave it in the shade for a while. If the components are too hot, they’ll work less efficiently.

Mail it out, so you don’t even have to lift a finger


If your device is broken and you can’t possibly fix it yourself, then you’ll need help. I own an iPad as well as an iPhone, and they break more frequently than I eat! I don’t know about you either, but I don’t live anywhere near a decent Apple iPhone and iPad repair service.

Plus, I can be lazy sometimes. Luckily, this now isn’t a problem! If I want my iPhone or indeed, my iPad fixing, I can just mail them out to somebody who will do all the hard work. Much appreciated!

Try a different charging cable and power source

We’ve all been there. Our phone/device just won’t charge, no matter how much you wiggle the end of the cable.

Well, fortunately, there are some things you can try. If you’re charging with one of those cheap knock-off cables, try switching to a more premium brand. Borrow your friend’s cable, and use a different combination of plug and wire.

Additionally, switch up power source. If you’re charging from USB, switch to a wall socket. Some USB drives aren’t powerful enough to supply juice to a phone. Check if your USB socket is 2.0, too. 3.0 is much more powerful, so see if your computer has one.

Update your software


Software updates bring a whole host of repairs and fixes, including sorting any bugs or battery issues. Go to your settings and select software update to see if there’s a new version.

Check if it’s still in warranty

If it is, you can get a replacement/refund under certain types of damage. If you whacked your phone with a hammer, then you probably won’t be eligible. If you broke it accidentally, then you’re golden. If you’re buying a new phone, check your warranty deal too.

Use rice to fix a wet iPhone or iPad


If you dropped it in the loo, fear not. Simply purchase some white rice, and plonk it in a ziploc bag with your device. Overnight, the rice will soak up some of the water and your phone will be a little healthier.

Of course, there are no guarantees this’ll work, but it can’t hurt to try! Just don’t eat the rice afterwards.

Rhino screen protector

And, once your device is repaired and is safely in your hands, take precautions. Rhino screen protectors can withstand a hammer (I checked) and they’re cheap too.