Make The Most Of The Amazing Tool Your iPhone Is!

These days there are so many smartphones on the market, it's a little overwhelming. But the question is, do any of them compare to the iPhone? Camera-wise yes - a lot of smartphones have better cameras than the iPhone. (This is something that Apple have promised to improve.) But in most other areas, the original smartphone comes out on top. iPhones are amazing tools, and yet, far too many of us aren’t taking full advantage of them. Cherish your device, because it is one of the most amazing phones on the market. That’s a promise!

Update your phone regularly

Apple offers updates for a reason. Each update contains important fixes for spyware, software and app glitches. Far too many of us put off updating our phones when we should make updates a priority. Wonder why your smartphone is crashing all the time? Perhaps it’s because it hasn’t been updated in months? Just a thought.

Make the most of the app store

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Again, let’s talk updates. If you want apps to work correctly on your phone, update them. It only takes a few minutes to update an app, and yet most of us fail to do this. It’s not just regular updates that are needed to take advantage of the app store; it’s much more than that. Look at your suggested apps and take the suggestions on board. Maybe one of them is an app that you didn’t even know you needed. Look at the most popular apps by section, to see what you’re missing out on. Keep up to date with all the new app releases.

Seek help when there’s an issue

The biggest mistake Apple iPhone users make is not seeking help for problems. No matter how technologically minded you are, you can’t fix everything. If there’s an issue with your phone - maybe it turns on and off constantly or doesn’t charge properly, seek help. You can visit your local Apple store or if you don’t have the time, use the Apple support number and speak to an Apple genius that way. If you leave a problem, it will only get worse. No matter how small the issue may seem, the sooner you get it checked, the better. After all, your Apple warranty only lasts for 12 months!

Utilise your storage

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There are so many hacks for utilising your iPhone’s storage, so use them. Even if your phone has 64GB of storage, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get full quickly. Knowing how to utilise your storage is essential if you want to make the most of your smartphone. Store lower resolution photos and save the originals to iCloud. This is one of the best storage optimisation hacks for iPhones, as it works so well.

Treat your iPhone like a computer

An iPhone is a mini computer, and yet, very few of us treat it like one. The idea of smartphones is that they can be used for all manner of tasks, including those you would normally do on your laptop. Take advantage of this and use your iPhone for the purpose it was intended - as a mini computer. There are apps that can turn your device into a full functioning mini-laptop; it’s just a case of downloading the right ones.

If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone, you need to take the steps above to make the most of this incredible device.