The Ultimate Gadget Fashion Guide

The tech industry has finally gotten into its head that form is as important as function for many consumers. Gone are the days when all our devices were ugly plastic contraptions, hewn from the grey brain cells of uber geeks. In 2016, you can buy some of the most amazing tech and get it wrapped in a package that does it some justice.

Do you remember what smartwatches looked like before Apple put their might behind the concept? Terrible. Now the focus has finally turned to design. To be honest, if it hadn't, the concept would have never gotten off the ground. Thanks to a beautiful design, I can imagine myself wearing one of these day to day. This turn of face is partly thanks to chip makers improving the performance of their small form factor products. Companies, like Apple, now have scope to do so much more in this tiny little space than they used to. Apple now offers the watch in 3 collections, 6 different finishes, and a multitude of bands. You can also choose between a dozen or so faces.
Don't forget the other wearables manufacturers too. Companies like Fitbit, who target fitness enthusiasts, offer a range of colours and sizes.

Premium Phones
Nothing smacks of quality more than a premium phone. Everybody who has ever held an iPhone, or perhaps an HTC one, or the new Samsung S6 Edge, will know what a difference the brushed aluminium makes. It's something about the coolness in the feel of the device that makes it feel special. Even if you don't have one of the flagship handsets, you still have the option to get that metal finish. One company is now offering gold plating services, so you can give your phone, tablet, even your car bumper, that premium finish.

Hi-Tech And Retro
The progress of information technology does, at times, appear inexorable. Will devices ever stop getting smaller, cheaper and more powerful? We probably won't need things like key chains for much longer, but if we do, companies like Belkin are giving us something retro. They've introduced a USB leather tassel that doubles as a phone charging cable. If you're a woman, this can double as an accessory for your handbag. If you're a man that loves tech and wants to share your passion with your other half, why not get her one of these? It should grease the wheels a little, no?

Boutique Headphones
We've seen a lot of progress in the design of earbuds and earphones since the days of the Walkman. Again, mainly thanks to Apple. But hop over to the other segment of the market, over-ear headphones, and fashionability suffers. Unless you go ultra-premium, noise cancelling headphones are usually rather unremarkable.
Some manufacturers want to change all this. They recognise that consumer want more than headphones that just pump out sound. They want something that looks good, or at least gets close. Taylor headphones in particular are spearheading the movement, finally wedding two former enemies. Fashion and tech.