Year In Review: 2015's Hottest Gadgets

When all's said and done, 2015 has been a pretty good year as far as technological advances go. We've seen some of the hottest innovations in years. The big boys of the tech world have taken further strides. And gadgets are more affordable than ever. No doubt you've already got your favourites written down on your own list. But, here at Gadgets Are Cool, we thought it was the perfect time to shed some light on some of the best innovations of the year. Hey, isn't that what the end of the year is for?

Apple TV

No list of this nature would be complete with at least one helping from the giants of the tech world, so where better to begin than with Apple's TV? While it's very much a work in progress - which has been neglected for three years, even - 2015's offering is a pleasure. It builds on its original blueprint by offering fresh innovations with it.

Anybody can see that the way we watch television is changing dramatically. Pay-Per-View services are dying out and being replaced by subscription packages. Conventional live TV has long since been usurped by on-demand and video streaming. Apple is smart enough to see where this is headed, and thus the Apple TV was born. They proclaim themselves to be the future of television, and it's certainly hard to build a case against that claim.

Personal Drones

Ever since drone technology emerged, manufacturers have been scrambling for a reason to use it. A fresh, innovative product is no good if there's no consumer appeal, is it? Well, let 2015 be known as the year that all changed. Drones and Virtual Reality headsets are often lumped together as a brilliant technology that failed to serve much of a purpose.

Not anymore. Companies with drones for sale like Yuneec have been hard at work to find a reason to make you want to buy them. Of course, tech-heads don't need to justify a purchase such as this, but the average consumer certainly does. Perhaps its best quality is its camera, which makes a drone perfect for capturing high-quality aerial footage. Should you need a reason, that is.

Surface Book

The world of gadgets seems to work in peaks and troughs. One minute, everyone will insist that bigger is better. The next? Everything is shrinking smaller and smaller. This is most evident in the world of smartphones. Where one generation focuses on bigger and clearer screens, the next crams as much as it can into a much smaller device. The same, it seems, has become true of personal computing.

Laptops have long been many people's devices of choice. They're unobtrusive and convenient. They don't take up the space of a desktop computer, but they pack an equally powerful punch. With the advent of the handheld tablet, things seem to be evolving even further. And that's exactly what Microsoft's latest Surface Book tries to build on. While it isn't without its flaws, the paper thin laptop-turned-tablet is a big leap towards the future of computing.