Amazing Tech Gifts For Commuters

So, with the silly season approaching ever closer, we thought we would turn our eye to the perfect gifts for commuters. It’s a tough old slog, commuting. You leave home at the crack of dawn and, particularly throughout winter, see very little daylight. 

And if you get the train both ways, there’s often a chance you won’t even get a seat. So, if your loved one commutes, by rail, car, or bike, we thought we would give you some ideas.

For the reader

When you’re trapped on the train and tube for a couple of hours each day, nothing can help you forget about it as much as reading a good book. So, if your loved one is a keen reader, think about the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It’s a little slimline package that can fit thousands of books on it. The main difference between it and previous models is that it has an ultra bright display that looks just like the pages of a newly bought book. There are plenty of other new features, so it’s worth getting - even if you have an older Kindle model.

For the cyclist

If your partner, friend or family member is a keen cyclist, then think about going pro. GoPro video cameras are becoming as ubiquitous on cyclists as helmets are. Whether they want to take shots of their journeys to work or just use them for safety, we’re pretty sure that they are going to love strapping on a GoPro. Which model you get is down to you and your budget, but we recommend the black Hero 4. It looks great, takes a mean picture, and has been spotted in some sales recently.

For the train hopper

For many commuters, getting to work doesn’t just involve going on one train. There might be two, three or even four trains involved - without even touching on the underground. If the love of your life has to do this trip twice a day, then why not think about a Sway Monkey? They are pretty cool little Segway boards that can help you get through the throngs a little quicker. Visit for more details. And, with a little luck, your loved one will never miss a vital train connection again.

For the music lover

The Pono music player is a project started off by music legend Neil Young. It plays high-quality music files - which you can pick up from the PonoMusic store - in an entirely lossless format. Apparently, the audio quality is such that it sounds exactly like it was meant to when recorded in the studio. While we won’t make any guarantees about that, it might be the perfect gift for the music lover in your life. And, being Neil Young-approved, they probably wouldn’t bad mouth it anyway.

For the fitness freak

Now, while commuting means sitting down for many people, others like to see it as an opportunity to get fit. Whether they are cycling or jogging the last few miles of their journey, they are, however, going to want to track their progress. And what better way to do it than the Fitbit One? It just clips on to a belt and tracks your entire performance, as well as keeping an eye on your sleeping patterns.

Any gadgets for commuters you would like to add? Let us know in the comments!