The Best Travel Gaming Gadgets

As we all know a quality accessory is a fantastic way in which to enhance your gaming experience. And if in particular you are an avid traveller either by plane, train, boat, taxi or bus you’ll likely find yourself with endless time to kill on your mundane journey whilst you wait to arrive at your final destination. Smartphones and tablets have been made even more popular these days when it comes to passing time on overlong voyages. They have the capacity to hold movies, TV shows and endless addictive games to play which all simply help to melt the time away. But whether it’s a mobile phone, a laptop or another type of portable device there’s sure to be an extra gaming gadget out there offering something that can add even more gameplay pleasure.

If you’re a nervous flyer and it’s time for take-off then you will most definitely benefit from obtaining a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones. Not only will it drown out the terrifying and thunderous noises from the planes engines but will also help keep you immersed and concentrated on the game you’re playing. A pair of V-Moda Crossfade M-100’s, although a tad on the pricey side, are a great lightweight option for comfortably carrying around and even incorporate some impressive noise isolation. They really will help bring out the best audibly for racing games, adventure fares and online betting sites such as live casino freebets.

If it’s enhanced gameplay you’re after then the new pocket-sized Bluetooth-based iControlPad will give you an entirely new way of controlling your smartphone device. Simply strap in your iPhone or Android phone using its special universal holder and suddenly you have a fully functioning controller complete with six face buttons, two rear buttons, dual analog nubs and a digital D-pad. Ideal for those who want more control during their action-filled game play as opposed to the fat fingered amongst us who struggle constantly with a touch-screen setup.

Unfortunately all these enhancements mean nothing without some extra juice under the hood. There’s little point playing an intensely matched game on an international flight only to drain your battery before you’ve even left the runway. So you’ll need the PowerMonkey. This special solar charger can hold up to 6 full charges for an iPhone for up to an entire year and is the perfect back up device for those fretful moments when you notice your dangerously decreasing battery levels.

So the next time you’re packing your bags for your next venture perhaps it’s worth considering a few useful enhancements to add even more comfort and entertainment to your travelling needs.