Are Tablets the Future of Gaming?

Whether you are an avid gamer or not, you will have found it difficult to escape the clamour concerning recent mobile and tablet releases on the UK market and their potential impact on the typical gaming experience. From the dual launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus to the development of Apple’s new graphics engine, gaming is now an exceptionally in-vogue past-time that has universal appeal throughout the UK. While mobile handsets have often dominated this marketplace, however, it is tablet devices that are now emerging as the popular favourites among experienced gamers.

While there are many reasons for this trend (not least the increased display size available on tablets), it is the emergence of the Nvidia Shield Tablet that has proved pivotal. Widely promoted and heavily discounted at present, it is the first tablet that has been designed to meet the dedicated needs of gamers throughout the UK and feature focused hardware. It is also the first tablet outside of Google’s Nexus 9 to sport the in-demand Android 5.0 operating system as a central feature and selling point.

The popularity of the Nvidia Shield Tablet goes beyond basic hardware and operating systems on it. Whether you enjoy playing online casino games or blockbusting console experiences, Nvidia’s main appeal is that it has managed to create an interactive gaming community that can easily share titles and access them through PC and Mac sources. The GameStream service is an integral part of this, as it has been billed as the Netflix of gaming and connects players to an incredible array of titles and experiences within a single, online space.

It does not stop there, either, as the much anticipated GRID cloud play service will develop this range of gaming options further when it finally emerges from BETA in 2015.

Through this, gamers will even be able to access classic Valve titles, which have a place in the heart of any old-school gamer and yet remain surprisingly incompatible with the majority of contemporary platforms.

It is not often that a single product transforms a genre and transcends its marketplace, but the Nvidia Shield may well achieve this lofty aim. It has certainly revolutionised tablet gaming and distinguished this for the future of the market, especially with regards to multi-platform accessibility and the development of an active gaming community. Now is also the ideal time to invest in tablet hardware, as firms look to discount their products in anticipation of the busy Christmas market.