Outfitting a hi-tech apartment

Many people are inseparable from technology, and it is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of our everyday lives, as we make social media posts on smartphones and shop using mobile tablet computers. However, technology need not be confined to handheld devices; it can also be integrated into the home.

Tech love

It is obvious how much we love our new technology when we see lengthy queues forming up outside electrical stores for the latest iPhone or console release. Integrating technology into the home is another example of that love, but it also has a practical side, streamlining the home’s interiors and creating a modern, clutter-free environment.

The living room

In the living room, for example, seating is often arranged around a centrally-placed television, which in turn is hooked up to a Blu-ray DVD player or satellite box, unless it is all built into the TV unit, which helps to keep the tech to a minimum. When used as a central media center by linking it to a computer unit, music and movies can be wirelessly streamed to other TVs and audio players in the apartment or house, obviating the need for cables to be laid around doorways, and minimizing the footprint of electrical units.

As many living rooms have become home movie theaters, it could be helpful to have blackout curtains or blinds that draw and pull at the touch of a button – just another example of how technology can make life easier.

The bedroom

The bedroom may not be the most obvious place to integrate technology, but many people use their bedroom to watch television and listen to music. However, a bedroom is often expected to be something of a haven, so it is not desirable to have technology units on show. This is where a piece of furniture such as a TV bed offers the best of both worlds. A television unit rises from the footboard when it is required and lowers out of sight when it is not.

The bathroom

In the bathroom, ordinary showers can be replaced with digital showers, which create a shower system that provides water at the temperature and speed preferred by the user. These types of shower do not just have an overhead jet, but ones that are placed into the wall to surround the body. There is even available a bathroom cabinet with a mirrored door that has an in-built television screen so that users can watch the news or their favourite show while they groom. Behind the door is an MP3 jack, so an iPod or other player can be hooked up and music can be played through the cabinet.

Technology is even reaching sanitary ware, with a hi-tech toilet that features a deodorizing and heated seat, a self-opening and closing lid, and an in-built bidet that has a customizable water temperature feature.

While some of these technological innovations are available to many of us to start utilizing and enjoying today, others are destined to become supplied as standard in the homes of the future, helping to create environments that are streamlined, uncluttered, and safe.