Cool Gadgets eBay Collections - Sponsored Post

I really enjoy shopping online, especially for gadgets as there is much more choice and variety online. Having been approached by eBay to do a collection of my favourite items was a fun thing to do and recommend others have a go at creating collections. eBay’s new Collection feature is a new concept to online shopping and makes it easier to search for items that you are particularly interested in and personal to you.

When I set up my collections, I had a thought of what items I'd want to shop for on eBay. I chose items that were gadget related as that’s what we as a family spend most of our disposable income on and where most of our hobbies are found.

The first collection I created was boys toys - a collection of gadgets that are enjoyed by adults (mainly men) who like me never grew out of their love for gadgets, games and anything involving a remote control. Big kids at heart!

Both myself and my wife enjoy running and fitness and so I created a fitness gadgets collection that includes gadgets we currently use or have used in the past whilst running or working out.

My two young boys love James bond so I created a spy like bond gadgets collection which will appeal to young and old. What items would James Bond purchase if he came shopping on eBay? This collection gives you some idea of the items that would attract a 007.

We are also Apple Mac nerds with a wide variety of Apple mac goods in our house so I created an Apple gadgets related collection which showcases Apple gadgets that you can buy to get the most out of you iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Another of my collections I created was more personal to my wife. It was a girls gadgets collection. This has items that she personally enjoys using and shopping for and that she wanted to share with a wider audience and emerging market of women’s gadgets. Items in this collection are anything from kitchen aid gadgets to items that help with hair and beauty.

This new feature on eBay I expect is going to be very popular with people interested in making online shopping quicker, easier and most of all a more personal experience.

This collection was created in partnership with eBay.