Free Time TV Guide Launched

Freesat today has launched its smart new TV guide called 'Free Time'. The UK’s free-to-air digital satellite television provider launched a new smart on-screen TV guide today that's available in its next generation Freesat+ boxes.

Called 'Free Time', the service offers new features in a single, simple and easy to use guide.
  • A backwards TV guide letting you turn back time and watch programmes that have already been on, but you may have missed An ‘at a glance’ Now & Next view to show what’s on the minute you sit down.

  • A new Showcase section that offers recommendations on programmes to watch tonight, in the coming week and on demand On Demand TV from BBC iPlayer and ITV Player with 4OD and Demand 5 launching before Christmas.

  • Improved recordings that make it even easier to record TV at a touch of a button and find episodes automatically filed into series – just like a DVD boxset.

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