How a photographer uses the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Showcasing the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab. This neat piece of kit is thinner, lighter and faster than popular rivals and equipped with the smartest 3D graphics and latest apps. Samsung Galaxy Tab launches in stores across the UK this month and to house all the reviews, unboxings and stories they have launched the World of Tab at
In this Galaxy Tab story Samsung caught up with Fatsarazzi of a London based photographer and blogger. Fats shares with us how he will be using his Samsung Galaxy Tab in the future, shooting street portraits, using android editing apps and blogging. In his video, he talks about how he loves taking pictures of subcultures wherein he emphasizes how his pictures can make you feel as if you were there with his subjects.
He talks about the different types of cameras he uses for photography based on mood, and how he enjoys blending analog methods with digital. In the middle of the video, Fatsarazzi talks about the Galaxy Tab and how much he's amazed with the quality of the camera as well as the entire tablet itself. The best features he likes are:

  • The large screen and using it to show photos to others

  • The ability to download different programs which you could use to edit pictures and add different effects all at the touch of a button.
The Galaxy Tab is really amazing as it uses Android Honeycomb powered by an Intel XMM6260 with 1GB of memory and 16/32/64GB ROM.
Samsung has even equipped their tablet with a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel camera up front that allows you to shoot crisp and quality images.
It also features “Touchwiz 4.0” that ensures fingertip multitasking is both fast and easy, and the “Samsung Hub” which will immerse you with endless entertainment. In other words, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is fully equipped to revolutionize your world of entertainment and communication.
Here's the video of Fatsarazzi talking about the Galaxy Tab
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