Introducing A Cool New Social Platform - Streamago

Streamago is powered by Tiscali and is a cool new social platform with a difference. Apart from its Facebook integration it offers users a free interactive live broadcasting tool. During setup you can create your own channel and then broadcast the video in just a few minutes if you so wish (more on this later). The only thing you need is a PC with a webcam, but we have seen a couple of channels that were streaming live video games, so there may also be a way of linking up a video capture source.

Having joined the Streamago community, we can see it being great for sporting events, weddings, concerts/festivals and other special occasions. We will be going to may festivals this summer including Glastonbury and Reading so will try to stream some footage to friends and then record the rest to show them later.

With 10GB of disk space, the capacity is high enough to upload loads of footage.
Streamago is integrated with Facebook and, at any time, you can publish the channel directly into your wall. Here’s the link to their Facebook page.

We can also see this working well for streaming live sport online. There is of course the issue of copyright but it would be natural for people to show their friends what they are watching.

The software itself is handled by a web interface, so there is no need to download any additional programs. In terms of ease of use we have to say it was a doddle to join, for a start you can sign up using your existing Facebook account or you can create a separate unique account using a valid email address (this is what we did). After you have confirmed the latter you can then configure your profile, such as adding an avatar or creating your channel name, along with the category your videos/live streams will fit in. There is also a neat option for scheduling your live events, so for example you can let your followers know the time/date when you will be broadcasting.

When you are ready to go live you are taken to your control booth, which is essentially your broadcast window. In here you can set your source i.e. where you are taking your recordings from (its here that we think you may be able to select your video capture source, for taking vids off games) the default is your web cam.

Quality and FPS (frames per second) can be adjusted also, though the 28fps is just about enough to present smooth recordings, though for games it would be a little under par, however in fairness some of the game channels we have seen looked pretty smooth. There also appears to be a live chat feature, so people can ask you questions in real time – nice! If you want to record your stream for future you can tick the box “Save Recordings”, additionally if you want to share your Live link with others you can click on the share with Facebook option. Other than that you just click GoLive and away you go. Once you have finished your broadcast you can then press the Green stop button and it will ask you to save your recording. Note each Streamago user gets 10GB of disk space.

Live Broadcasting anywhere
Interestingly you are not tied down to your PC desktop as there is a free app available (via the app store) for iPhone users that allows you to use your cameras and Wi-Fi/3G connection to broadcast live footage from wherever you are. We have not seen this in action but it would offer another unique way of recording.

Applications for this
So far we have been impressed with the intuitive interface and setup, but the application for streaming live footage would be the biggest draw to users in our minds. As reviewers ourselves we could easily use this platform to post reviews of products in real-time and the fact that viewers can chat away and ask question would lead to a better experience for those interested in a particular aspect, of say, a mobile phone. Budding reporters could also use this by performing live broadcasts out in the field thanks to the iPhone App. 

The Community of Streamago
Streamago is primarily a community of video makers so if you don’t fancy creating a channel you can always follow another one. The biggest problem for us though was that most of the channels were in Italian and the number of videos available were limited at the time of writing, though for the games channel we did not mind as much as it was the games we were really interested in. In fairness its only just been launched in the UK, so we can understand the above, so its up to the public now to start utilising the service.

Streamago is available at:
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Maggysan said...

Wow! I have a smartphone by nokia...I hope the app for android would be ready soon... in the meantime I will use it at home! ihih