5 Cool iPad Cases

Showcasing 5 really cool iPad cases you can buy for your Apple iPad.

Etch a Sketch iPad Case
How cool is this Etch A Sketch Hard Case! What's not to love about this!

The officially licensed $39.00 case from US-firm Headcase is available to buy from Amazon:

Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad
The Kensington KeyFolio Case not only protects your iPad when on the road, but also provides a handy wireless Bluetooth keyboard and handsfree stand for easier working and playing when you reach your destination. Cool eh! The rubberized keys were especially designed to cushion your iPad screen from bumps and scratches when the folio is closed. The magnet-free case ensures uninterrupted operation of the iPad's digital compass.

  • Durable synthetic leather case is slim, with no extra bulky flaps in front of keyboard
  • Provides full access to all iPad controls and contains NO magnets, certified by Apple for use with iPad
  • Rubberized keys are spill-proof and also protect iPad screen from scratching when closed
  • Bluetooth keyboard delivers wireless operation and includes iPad specific keys
  • Keyboard, USB connector and on/off switches are more durable than many ordinary, non-Kensington iPad folios
  • Provides full access to all iPad controls and contains NO magnets
Amazon was selling this iPad cover for $99 when it was first launched but has been reduced to $64 the last time we looked.

Hard Candy Cases Street Skin iPad Case
The Hard Candy Cases Street Skin iPad Case combines 3 mm of shock-absorbing TPU rubber at the corners and edges with a case material that won't stretch or surrender, and you've got truly rugged iPad protection. Add the convenience of an integrated screen cover that snaps onto the front or back of your iPad when not in use, and the Rubber Protect becomes the most reliable choice in functional iPad protection. It's your rubberized, ruggedized companion for all adventures.

Pretty reasonable from Amazon at around $30

Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case
Drop-proof your magical Apple iPad with this Otterbox iPad Defender Case. This cutting-edge case incorporates three layers of hardcore protection plus some advanced features. Stowing your iPad away for the night or for your commute? Simply remove the back polycarbonate cover and snap it over the face for ultimate touch screen protection.

one of the best selling iPad cases at the moment at around $50 from Amazon

Apple iPad Case
Of course you could always go for the official Apple iPad Case which is beautifully constructed. It's made of a very soft material but still sturdy. The iPad sits securely and tightly in place. The cover bends back easily and you can even prop it up at an angle just by inserting the cover into a flap on the back. The holes for the power, dock port, volume and headphones are perfect - no overlapping.You  don't have to worry about scratching the front or back of my iPad when carrying or laying it around. I only wished that it had a clear plastic insert attached inside to cover the face of the iPad for added protection from scratches and fingerprints when the iPad is in use. The case is also easy to clean. I used a wet cloth to wipe away some food I accidentally sat the case on and it came out looking new again.

Very reasonable from Amazon rather than direct from Apple which is why this is one of the best sellers on Amazon.