Kinect Facts

Featuring some interesting facts about Kinect for the XBox 360. 

Kinect is predicted to be this Christmas most wanted gadget tech toy
According to a new industry report. Market research outfit Ipsos says that Kinect will be the most popular gaming hardware in the UK in the run-up to Xmas 2010. Ipsos claims that 13% of Brits intend to buy a Kinect this Christmas, compared with only 11% who are planning on investing in a PS3 Move controller.

Kinect Could Have Been On The Mac Instead Of The Xbox!

Kinect is the Xbox 360's Great Wavy Hope in the battle for the home entertainment market. Did you know, however, that the device could have easily gone to Apple instead?

Inon Beracha, CEO of PrimeSense - the firm providing much of the magic behind Kinect - has revealed that back in 2008, when he was first shipping his company's technology to the consumer electronics market, his first stop was not Microsoft, but Apple.

"It was the most natural place for the technology," he tells Cult of Mac. Indeed, PrimeSense had already help several meetings with Apple executives, and Apple went so far as to bring some contracts and deals to the table.

That, however, is when it all went wrong.

"Apple is a pain in the ass," Beracha says. Apple's notoriously controlling team was asking Beracha to "sign a stack of crippling legal agreements and NDAs", which almost instantly had PrimeSense walking away. Why deal with Apple and all those restrictions when they could sell it to someone who could pay just as much, but be easier to work with?

Which is exactly what PrimeSense did, Kinect is now in Microsoft's hands on the Xbox 360, and the rest is history.

Kinect moves by itself!
One of the things that will freak you out about the Kinect is that it moves by itself. When you first start it up, the sensor will move up and down scanning the room. Just make sure it’s on a stable platform otherwise it could tumble forward onto the floor upon start-up.

The Kinect actually follows your face when using Video Kinect. It’ll zoom in and focus on it. The device will even follow you as you walk around the room. On top of that, the Kinect will connect to people with a Webcam and Windows Messenger or people who still have Xbox Live Vision.

Did you know that Kinect can control the Xbox 360 with voice and gestures? 
Although this was demonstrated at the E3 2010 press conference, it seems that the fact that Kinect can give you a unique menu system has been glossed over in favor of showing the games. Likewise, versions of, Zune and ESPN, with Kinect integration are a part of the new Dashboard update that you can control with gestures with Kinect. In Zune, players will be able to tell the 360 which song / artist they want to listen to, and the system will pick that up and begin playing the selection.

Using Kinect, players can issue commands to their Xbox 3601
Things like like "Xbox, Open Tray", and the Xbox will open the disc tray for the user. Kinect also features body recognition, called Kinect ID. The process of setting up the Kinect system also sets up KinectID, which in turn signs you in automatically when the Kinect sensor sees you.

Microsoft will be bundling a new video chat, called the Video Kinect program
This video chat application for the Xbox follows you around the room, and since Kinect has a mic built in, there are no additional mics (like the headset) needed. You can also watch videos together using Kinect. Kinect's motion tracking is what allows a person to move around the room while the video chat continues.

How much room do you need for Kinect to work properly? 
You need about 7-8 feet of unobstructed space to use Kinect effectively.

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