iPod Nano Watch - Set to be Xmas big seller

The iPod Nano or 'iWatch' it set to be a Christmas 2010 best seller. The new Nano is so small it can be worn as a watch if you buy a strap. Watch manufacturers must be quaking in their boots! Dubbed the 'iWatch', the latest addition to the iPod family boasts a clock face which appears at the touch of the power button but still allows users to view pictures and track movements.

'It’s very tiny and instantly wear­able,' said Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. 'It even has a clock - one of our board of directors says he’s going to wear it as a watch.'

A few things to consider for watch use:
  • iPod Nano battery probably won’t last very long if you keep the screen on all the time, so you will need to activate the screen each time you want to see a clock. 
  • Doesn’t come with the iWatch’s projector or voice activation functions, at least not yet.
  • Not waterproof - just bear that in mind when diving in the water with it strapped on!
  • It will be cool if Apple can develop different clock displays as we all don't want the same clock face. 

Watch strap manufacturers will be quick to exploit the clock function of the new player by flooding the market with detatchable iPod Nano watch straps. Whoever launches the coolest detachable Nano watch strap to show off the retro analogue clock app is sure to make a fortune.

Will it be on your Christmas wish list this year? Let us know by commenting below.


Anonymous said...

yeah - im gonna get one:-) Looks cool