Cool Phone - LG Pop

As cool mobile phones go, LG can compete with the best of them. The LG Cookie has sold more than 5 million worldwide proving once and for all that if you want a big seller, strip out the flashy features, give it a toucshcreen and watch it walk out the door. Loved as the Cookie may be, it’s now-dated design means it’s ripe for replacement, hence the LG GD510 Pop, a sequel in all but name.

LG Pop Features:
The LG Pop does have some really cool features such as....
  • A 240×400 pixel 3″ touchscreen.
  • A 3 megapixel camera.
  • Memory can be increased with a MicroSD card up to 16GB in size.
  • LG S-Class-style user interface with social networking widgets.
  • FM Radio plus a music and video player.

LG GD510 Pop Video Review 

To only mention a few features in order to sum up the LG Pop is to do it an injustice, as it’s clear LG have worked hard on its design too. The Pop shares little in terms of appearance with the Cookie and more with its upmarket sister, the LG Arena, thanks to the slick chrome chassis and the massive expanse of screen. The small size of the handset may surprise you too, given that it boasts a 3″ screen, but LG worked their magic and cut down the bezel to just 4.8mm in order to squeeze it on to a phone measuring only 97×49x11 and weighing 87 grams!

Cool design touches continue with the single button on the front panel, which glows red or green depending on the function it can perform, green to start a call, red to end for example, and the brushed aluminium frame is complimented by either a black or silver colour scheme. LG have also made an optional solar panel for the Pop, which replaces the existing rear cover, to give a sun-driven boost to your standby and talk time, adding some great ‘green’ credentials to this little touchscreen phone.

If you’re a longtime Cookie user and like the idea of a change, or are considering another attractively priced mid-range touchscreen phone such as the Samsung Preston or Tocco Lite, take a good look at the GD510 Pop – as the small, very stylish and surprisingly well-equipped mobile phone may just win you over.

The LG Pop is now available as one of a wide range of pay as you go mobile phones at Dialaphone