2010 Apple Macbook Pro Laptops - Evidence they are on the way!

 Since my 2007 Apple Macbook Pro has broken, I was happy to hear the new 2010 Macbook Pro will be with us very soon (April 13th?) as speculation now turns to evidence after Macrumors published this screenshot of inventory listings for the new laptops.

The article suggests that Microcenter has received these new part numbers for four different MacBook Pros in the 15-inch and 17-inch range.
  • Apple System Good-USA $1799.99
  • Mac system Better-USA $1999.99
  • Mac system #1 Best-USA $2199.99
  • Mac system #2 Best-USA $2299.99
It is thought that these new laptops from Apple will use Intel Core i7 and i5 processors, so proof of a huge performance. We are still uncertain of a final release date, but there is a consensus that it will be on April 13 – so just two days to wait.