Cool PS3 Controller

Here's a cool video of Sony demonstrating its amazing PS3 motion controller with Playstation Eye at E3.

This is just a prototype at the moment and is due to be released spring 2010. This new controller is just what PS3 owners were all waiting for. We were blown away with what this can controller will do, how precise movements are and what it will bring to the PS3 in terms of Wii type games. Just imagine playing Star Wars games with light sabers or games like Time Crisis, Call of Duty with guns etc....check it out!

Sony has released a few more PS3 Motion Controller details to developers and confirmed that staging its motion sensing assault “across all genres” with support from first-party and third-party content providers. It also revealed that the PS3 Motion Controller will have force feedback, something that rival Project Natal can’t achieve for obvious reasons.

The final design and even the name of the PS3 Motion Controller are both still up in the air. The quirky looking device shown off on stage at E3 was by no means the finished article.

Sony also stated that you’ll be able to play with up to four of them at the same time. Four is not an unusual number for a console, but it is interesting given that part of the E3 demo showed a pair of Motion Controllers being used together. Therefore it seems that the more complex games could be limited to two players only.

However, Sony also reveals that it’s “looking into the possibility” of combining the Motion Controller with the standard Sixaxis / DualShock 3 controllers to be used in tandem. The example given was of using the Motion Controller as a sword while the standard controller acted as a shield.

Still no word on prices or a fixed release date yet.

With this controller, PS3 owners have a PS3 and Wii in one console. Look forward to reporting more on this is the coming months. Check out for cool PS3 stuff.