Waterproof iPod Speakers

iPod gadgets are big business and this cool gadget for the iPod looks to be a sure seller. The AquaTune submergible speakers from Focal allow iPod connectivity for all of your underwater music needs. The Nano 4G model works with the latest iPod nano and has a pair of 1-watt speakers. The V2 model (pictured) is compatible with additional iPod models and has a 3-watt x 2 power rating.

Both models use clear, polycarbonate bodies and o-ring seals to prevent leakage and a flexible silicon rubber membrane that enables operation of the Click Wheel. They are submersible up to one meter for half an hour; any longer or deeper, and the seal may be compromised.

The larger V2 model is compatible with Apple’s fourth and fifth generation iPods, first through fourth generation iPod nanos, iPod classic, first and second generation iPod shuffle, and the iPod mini. The AquaTune Nano 4G and V2 are currently available in Japan and will be available stateside for $175 and $120, respectively.