The LG Watch Phone

The LG Watch Phone is one of the hottest gadgets of 2009. The LG Watch Phone does exactly what is says....its a's a phone...Cool!

It has quite a number of features for such a small device. It has a touchscreen user interface along with three side buttons, a music player, stereo Bluetooth, a speakerphone, 3G/HSDPA, quad-band GSM and more. It's also water resistant.

The LG Watch Phone is 14mm thick, with a screen that measures 36mm diagonally. The surface is tempered glass and the casing is metal. The strap is available in both leather and carbon fibre. Though small, it seems surprisingly usable.

The LG Watch Phone even has a built-in music player, making it one of the first MP3 watches around. It also has stereo Bluetooth, which makes listening to the music easier.

The LG Watch Phone has three side buttons, which are the Talk, Clear and End buttons, respectively. The LG Watch Phone will be available in a whole slew of colours, as seen here.

Other cool features of the LG Watch Phone include voice recognition, and a text-to-speech feature that reads out text messages to you.