Cool Fish Tank - Silverfish Aquarium

The Silverfish Aquarium designed by Octopus Studios is a gnarly looking setup for your fishy little friends. Each 60 gallon setup is custom made, costs $3,400, and is allegedly self sufficient. This is such a cool gadget for fish lovers who want a fish tank with a difference.

The oddly named "Silverfish" aquarium—isn't a silverfish aquarium a bookcase?—from Octopus Studios has six orbs connected by tubes, the better to let your fish reconfigure their own habitat while gargling the theme to The Jeffersons. Each aquarium is made-to-order for $3,400 minus gravel and fish. (Freshwater suggested.)

While the manufacturer says it's not much more difficult to clean than a standard rectangular tank, I think we all know that's a bit of understatement. Still, I like it a lot—although I think I'd like it a lot more if it had a more attractive base instead of something that looks like a TV stand from Wal-Mart.

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Aquarium said...

Yeah, cleaning it would be quite a pain.

Anonymous said...

you can get them on stilts.

75 gallon aquarium said...

This is cool, But it is really difficult to clean it.