Wii Fit Christmas Best Seller?

Nintendo's Wii Fit Balance Board is the most searched for gadget online according to recent data from the web gurus at Hitwise. Nintendo's Wii console is close behind it, while the Apple iPhone slots into third place in the list.

The full run-down is as follows:

1. Nintendo Wii Fit

2. Nintendo Wii

3. Apple iPhone

4. Nokia N96

5. Apple iPod

6. Sony PlayStation 3

7. Microsoft Xbox 360

8. Apple iPod touch

9. Apple iPod nano

10. Nintendo DS

The popularity bubble enveloping the Nintendo Wii shows no sign of popping this Christmas. Crucially, Nintendo is the only one of the three next-gen console manufacturers to have not dropped the price of its hardware. It has never offered the Nintendo Wii in a different configuration either.

According to a recent data mashup from the NPD, Chart-Track, and Enterbrain, Wii Fit sold 2.1 million units between July and September this year. The figures put it second only to EA's Madden NFL 09, which notched up three million sales.

The RRP of the Wii Fit pack has remained rock-solid at £79.99. Like the Wii, expect the Balance Board to be much harder to come by as Christmas approaches.

Amazon UK is already selling some Wii Fit packs for over £100, while the second-hand market generally adds a £15-£20 mark up.

The ongoing success of the Wii as a cross-generation games machine has seen Nintendo flog 36 million consoles worldwide. The Xbox 360 is in second place with an impressive 22.5 million, while the PS3 is stuck in third having mustered 16.7 million global sales.

It's popularity is strangely at odds with the Nintendo Wii's piddly games library and the fact that, once the initial appeal has worn off, this multiplayer party machine gathers just as much dust as Monopoly and Scrabble in your cupboard.