Expensive Gadgets for the Wealthy

Showcasing 10 very expensive gadgets you can buy but come with a hefty price tag. These are gadgets that are for the people who have everything.

James Bond’s Bed
Multimedia beds have evolved into one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home and are here to stay as people are getting increasingly personal and fussy about their choices. This particular bed is designed by Nicolas Mélan.
The bed is equipped with a DVD, big integrated plasma screen, and the 5.1 surround THX system that lets you listen to your favorite music while sleeping. You also get a silent alarm clock (sound canon system), so that the person sleeping next to your is not disturbed. Well, it could be the perfect Bond Bed is it featured some artillery too, but still this multimedia bed is good and lavish enough to ensure sound sleep for the Bonds.

Keymat YALOS Diamond LCD
A seriously expensive viewing pleasure, this 40-inch LCD TV is kitted out with 160 diamonds and a white gold trim. Your mates will be in awe just watching the blank screen never mind what’s on the box.
Cost: £130,000

Pioneer Digital Sound Projector
Your bog standard surround sound system has just five speakers and they’re all scattered round your room using a loads of annoying wires. Not so if you’ve got £20,000 beer tokes to splash on the PDSP-1 Digital Sound Projector. This powerful sound machine packs 254 speaker drivers into the space of a small flat screen TV.

Cost: £21,000

Hydro Physio Lifestyle - Future of exercise and wellbeing
Hydro training has benefits for people across all levels of fitness and it has been accepted that water based exercises boost muscular strength with little concussive forces to the joints. It’s time to step into a new training and wellness experience with the Hydro Physio Lifestyle range. 

Hydro Physio Lifestyle range has been designed to harness the unique benefits of water exercising to improve the health, fitness and well-being of individuals performing at the top of their profession or those looking for a less stressful method of training.

This revolutionary piece of training and rehabilitation equipment enriches its users with the unique benefits of training in water together with an innovative treadmill. The Hydro Physio Lifestyle is easy to install in comparison with built in full pool under water equipment. Variable water heights enable different muscle groups to be worked upon. This feature also makes the unit adaptable to the height and mass of each user.

Sweeping glass side panels make the user less enclosed and the movements can be watched from outside. Lighting through the water further adds to the overall looks of the product. Adjustability of water depth, treadmill speed and resistance are fully programmable through the products intuitive touch screen. An optional second screen can be added for the trainer or physiotherapists use. the best part is that the Hydro Physio Lifestyle is confidently styled to complement the modern interiors. In case, you opt for the Lifestyle Rehab model, wheelchair access is provided via the decking ramp.

Speakers La Sphere by Cabasse
Here, for example, is a pair of speakers La Sphere produced by the French company Cabasse - they costs $150,000. The acoustic system is implemented in the form of an eye and the manufacturer claims that using such design can make the sound better.

MP3-player and a radio in one device - Tivoli Audio Model One
Tivoli Audio has released an MP3-player and a radio in one device - Model One. The body is made of crystal, was made by Swedish glass artist Per B. Sundberg.

Its price is $4,200

One-of-a-kind designer foosball table for $9,500
Simply beautiful and inviting! This is what that struck my mind when I spotted this luxury foosball table. There is no high-end technology involved and the only and everything we can talk about is the stunning design and the fine lines.

This one off luxury piece is full scale, fully functional and is currently not in production. This single unit left is currently up for sale for a cool $9,500 and this amount can go bit higher or lower upon negotiation. Hand crafted by Jared Arp in 2007, this table has won awards in the design community for its contemporary aesthetic appeal backed by pure function. The body is constructed from Hard Maple and Silver Lace Wood, reinforced by Italian Bending Board and HDF. The playing surface and walls are constructed form P-95 Black Polycarbonate for superior visibility and control.

Swarovski studded Yoga Bags to fight breast cancer.
What does Swarovski, Yoga and breast cancer have in common? The Libby Ross Foundation OM Yoga Program! And what is their goal? Well the renowned crystal brand is teaming up with this foundation to do their bit for women suffering from breast cancer. A group of creative celebrities, including three mother daughter teams, has joined the cause to raise funds for this unique program by decorating yoga bags with Swarovski jewels that will be listed on eBay with eBay Giving Works.

These bags are donated by Global Design Concepts Inc for the noble cause. Just like the positive effects of yoga, the goal of The Libby Ross Foundation OM Yoga Program is also to promote healing and a sense of well being for breast cancer survivors. Yoga can help one get rid of all the toxins from the body and when it’s a bejeweled Yoga mat then I’m sure the healing powers will be boosted twofold.

The organizations are also hosting a Sunrise Yoga class against the sweeping 360-degree views of New York City at Top of the Rock Observation Deck for 40 mothers, daughters and sisters who have been touched by this disease. Just in time for the Mother’s day, Swarovski will also donate $75,000 to The Libby Ross Foundation OM Yoga Program from the sales of its pink ribbon charm and pink heart necklace.

Holiday Golf’s System 4 Indoor Golf Simulator for realistic golfing in your den
In our quest to bring to you more exciting golf simulators, like the one from Full Swing for $55, 000 or the one at eBay for $9,000, today we stumbled upon the Holiday Golf’s System 4 Indoor Golf Simulator. You can now work on your game all year round, whether it’s snowing outside, pouring, or even when the mosquitoes are out there waiting to prick you. 

Offering cutting edge in indoor golf technology, this simulator transports you to the best of the top courses from around the world, including the Pebble Beach and St. Andrews from an array of locations. While enjoying one of these gorgeously groomed courses, you can make use of the golf swing analyzer technology to get feedback on the speed, direction, and angle of your swing, and get your game in top shape.

Your ball can hit trees, disappear behind or roll down hills, and interact with the course just like real life. You can also putt your ball all the way into the cup. It comes in a complete package designed to deliver the best in indoor golf simulation experience possible with a large screen projection and all of the additional features. However for all this fun, you need a vacant area of 10′ H x 15′ W x 20′ L in your den. With the kinda of hardware it includes, this plaything transforms a regular room into a functional simulator.

With this equipment it’s also easy to set up a home theater system, connect an Xbox, Wii, PS3 game system or simply watch TV on the large screen. All this luxury comes of course for a heavy price!


Par2Pro said...

The Golf Systems are one of the coolest gadgets out there, and now almost anyone can afford a system of their own!

My specialty is golf simulators & swing analyzers. I have had years of experience and have done tonnes of research.

There are multiple systems out there with several different technologies. The three best systems (in each price category) are the Dancin' Dogg at $450 CDN
(for basic portable use, no real simulation), the P3ProSwing at $1,250 CDN (my personal favorite as it is the best bang
for the buck), and the GolfTek System at about $40,000 CDN (for luxury homes and major commercial installs) - oh yeah,
there is also a GolfTek home practice center version that costs about $15,000 CDN.

The Dancin' Dogg features an turf covered infrared sensor pad with basic swing analytics and a course with overhead only view. It interfaces with Tiger Woods
and is good for a gaming / basic system. A computer is required and you can add stance mats and nets/impact screens. You can use any club in your bag, but
sole tape is required on the bottom of your woods & putter. The unit must be used indoors and in a light-controlled area. The turf is nice, but it needs to
be replaced if used too much. You only need enough room to swing a club and you can take this anywhere.

The P3ProSwing Golf Simulator & Swing Analyzer System features an extremely durable sensor pad with 65 infrared sensors
with 12-point swing analytics, a driving range, putting green, full 18-hole golf course and a Tiger Woods interface. The system is 99.9% accurate, is a PGA
Learning Center Technology Partner, and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The basic system can be setup and taken down within minutes and is really
easy to operate. The graphics are great and can really make you feel like you are on the course. This system can be used with your computer and your
projector to give you the full simulation. You can add stance mats, nets/impact screens, games, video capture, launch angle, and more. You can use any club
in your bag, but sole tape is required on the bottom of your woods & putter. The unit must be used indoors and in a light-controlled area. The surface of the
pad looks fragile, but is incredibly durable - I have abused mine for over 2 years and it still looks like new. You only need enough room to swing a club and
you can take this anywhere.

The GolfTek Golf Simulator & Swing Analyzer System is very similar to the About Golf and Full Swing Systems, just at a
better price. GolfTek was the first company to develop golf simulators and they have perfected the technology. This system has multiple sensors and requires
a large area along with overhead lights. The system is extremely accurate, has all the analytics you can imagine, and includes 12 courses based on real
courses. The graphics are so real that you may never want to go out again, ok, maybe not that great, but you get the idea. There are over 50 courses in total
available as well as extra features such as video capture. The analytics are intense and can be used for instruction, clubfitting or just self improvement.
The requirements of the system make it only suitable for permanent installs, but if you are serious, there is no other system that compares to it.

I am the Canadian Reseller for all three of these systems and I have full stats on almost every feature of almost every system out there, so if you want to
know more, just visit my website at www.par2pro.com, email or phone me.

My goal is to match the right system with each golfer... even if I don't sell my own systems :)

Take care & keep your eye on the ball!