Xbox 360 PS3 modded consoles

If you have an Xbox 360 or PS3 console and are bored with the way it looks then check out what these dudes have done with theirs! Featuring the coolest PS3 and Xbox 360 customized console modifications.

These consoles I think you will agree are very cool stuff. The battle of PS3 Vs XBox 360 console is just hotting up. Will it come down to which has the best games and cool gadgets and accessories? Or will it be Blu-Ray vs HD.


Anonymous said...

There is one Wii and one N64 in the mods, they should not be left out since they are there.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you can't be too careful! Excellent mods.

Anonymous said...

Loving the H.R. Giger-esque PS3.