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The Ebook is a very cool gadget that allows you to read books electronically in the palm of your hand. It is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book.

The EBook is dubbed as the paperback killer for the following reasons:
  • Text can be searched automatically and cross-referenced using hyperlinks, making the e-book format ideal for works that benefit from such functions.
  • Less physical space is required to store e-books, and hundreds to thousands of books may be stored on the same device
  • Because they require little space, e-books can be offered indefinitely, with no going out of print date, allowing authors to continue to earn royalties indefinitely.
  • Readers who have difficulty reading printed books can benefit from the adjustment of text size and font face.
  • Text-to-speech software can be used to convert e-books to audio books automatically.
  • E-book devices allow reading in low light or even total darkness by means of a back light.
  • An e-book may be more comfortable for some to hold because it need not be held open like a physical book and can also be set down and read without needing to be held.
  • It costs little to reproduce or copy an e-book, which is ideal for archival and backup purposes.
  • Ease of distributing e-texts means that they can be used to stimulate higher sales of printed copies of books.
  • E-books can often be purchased from reading devices themselves and do not require one to visit a bookstore to obtain.
  • Although they require electricity to be read, the production of e-books does not consume the paper, ink, and other resources that are used to produce print books.
What are the EBooks disadvantages:
  • An e-book requires the purchase of an electronic device (and possibly peripheral software) to display.
  • As an e-book is dependent on equipment to be read, it can be affected by faults in external hardware or software, such as hard disk drive failure.
  • All e-book devices require electrical power.
  • Certain e-book formats[citation needed] may become obsolete and incompatible with future devices.
  • Book readers are more likely to be stolen than paper books.
  • Book readers are more fragile than paper books and more susceptible to physical damage.
  • If an e-book device is stolen, lost, or broken beyond repair, all e-books stored on the device may be lost (this can be avoided by backup either on another device or by the e-book provider).
  • Screen resolution of reading devices may be lower than actual paper.
  • E-books can be hacked, or disseminated without approval from the author or publisher.
  • There is a loss of tactility and aesthetics of book-bindings.
Ebooks to Buy
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Ebook Reviews

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